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Joomla Website SEO Tips and Tricks

Joomla Website SEO Tips and Tricks

Joomla Website SEO Tips and Tricks I want to write SEO tips and useful information. I am sure my SEO techniques work well, but please let me know if I can improve. Everyone knows that the real key to good SEO after your site is exactly "optimized" new content but here are my top tips for Joomla website SEO. I hope you find them useful:

Keyword Research

You can use Google to find keywords related to your business. Typing words into the search box suggests other keywords that Google can use. The Google Keyword Tool is a great resource for researching keywords for your business. It analyzes words and allows you to see how many people search for words each month by region. I personally think it is better to optimize keyword phrases than personal words. & # 39; web designers & # 39; rather than & # 39; web designers & # 39 ;. Google wants to display more localized revenue to its customers by displaying local search results on the map in the right column.

Google Places

If you do not have a Google Account, it's worth creating an account with access to all of the tools we offer. . On the Account page, you can create a Google Places listing for your business. Adding hours of operation, terms of payment and categories you want is free. Everything is important.

Browser page title

Each web page must have a unique browser page title and can not exceed 70 characters. Include keywords in the browser page title. In Joomla, the browser page title is controlled by the menu or page / item title. If you create a menu item that links to a single page, you can click the menu to control the browser page title.

Select link to edit

Click Parameters System and enter a keyword-rich page title in the page title


Make sure that each page has H1.

H2 and p tags. You must include keywords in the page title. When creating a Joomla site, I prefer to use K2 when creating my page / item and use my H1 tag to write my page title on the page. If there is only one instance of the H1 tag on the page, it looks like spam.


All of the images require an explanation of & # 39; alt & # 39; title & # 39;


It's easy to have a few pages on your site. When you write, link the keywords in the text to other relevant pages. It is like Wikipedia. This makes it easy for people to browse websites without having to navigate menus and provide information.


When you find a backlink site, you actually want the PR1 site. They can create an account that allows you to write to your blog or add a backlink to a page with rank 1 site. Remember that the anchor text is the most important part of the backlink, because it must be descriptive and contain keywords.

Example: Web Designer Melbourne Ideally you want to place your backlinks on the & # 39; Important & # 39; page. Well-ranked sites. Do not use a backlink farm. Your website can offend you.

Joomla's SEO friendly URL

It is best to use a search engine friendly URL when creating a Joomla site. If the server is Apache, you must change the file name on the server. Find htaccess.txt in the root folder and change it to htaccess.

If a.htaccess already exists I delete it and rename htaccess.txt and use it.

If you are logged in to the Joomla website

Site / Global Configuration

Make sure the & # 39; Site & # 39; tab is selected, and the SEO settings on the right are displayed.

Search engine friendly URLs - yes

Using Apache mod_rewrite - Example

Add suffix to URL - No

Click Save.

Articles or entries

When writing articles (or entries in K2), you need to create & # 39; metadata information & # 39 ;. . The Description box is a short description that people will see when they search for your page on Google, so please write well and be concise. The & # 39; Keywords & # 39; field is self-explanatory. Add comma separated keywords and phrases

Enter & # 39; index, follow & # 39; in the Robot field.

In the Author field, enter the following: Name and Keyword. 19659002] Sitemap

When your site is ready, you need to create sitemap.xml.

Do not forget the H1, H2 and alt tags when writing articles. file. Google Search xml Sitemap Creator You can find sites that help you make one of these. When finished, download the sitemap.xml file to your computer and upload it to your server. Now sign in to your Google Account and click Webmaster Tools. Add sites to Webmaster Tools

Submit sitemaps to Google

The best way to submit your site to Google is to use Webmaster Tools, not URL submissions. Click & # 39; Diagnostics & # 39; in the left column. Then click & # 39; Fetch as Googlebot & # 39 ;. Here you can add your main page and other key pages to your site. Google


You need to have a robots.txt file on your site to let search engine robots know which pages to visit. Try.

For example:

User-agent: *

Allow: /sitemap.xml

Permission: /index.php

Permission: /index.html

Permission: /index.htm

User Agents: *

Ban: / akeeba-backups

Ban: / cgi-bin

Ban: / logs

Ban: / plugins

Ban: / tmp

Ban: / xmlrcpc

Ban: / Manager

Ban: / cache

Ban: / Editors

Ban: / help

Ban: / included

Ban: / language

Ban: / Media

Ban: / modules

Ban: / templates

Disallow: / installation

Google Analytics code

Sign in to your Google Account and go to Google Analytics. Create the correct analysis code and place this code in the index.php file just before the tag. With this method, you can track what people are using when they arrive at your site, along with lots of other information.

Many submit to search engines

There is a good site for engines to submit to many searches . Simply fill in the details and go.

Business Directories

Directories can help backlinks to sites and drive people to your site from those directories. Quickly search your local business directory and submit today.

Keyword Density

The Addme website has a great keyword density checker. Here you can analyze your site keyword density and adjust your article writing based on what you want to optimize for. The keyword should occupy 10% of the length of the article. That is, there are 10 instances of every 100 words. You do not have to be stingy if you are clever in writing. I think so. If you have other top SEO tips, let me know. More Tips website Below

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