Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Top 7 SEO Tips to Increase Online Presence

Top 7 SEO Tips to Increase Online Presence

Top 7 SEO Tips to Increase Online Presence Search engine optimization is the best way to rank in search engines. You need to optimize your website to show websites at the top of natural search. There are two ways of SEO - white hat and black hat. White Hat Optimization works according to search engine guidelines, and Black Hat provides spam results.

Here are seven SEO tips to boost organic search rankings.

  • 1. Search Engine Optimization Friendly Website: Design your site according to search engine guidelines. Your site should be familiar to search engines so robots can easily crawl them. Always use a sitemap and avoid flash.

  • 2. Keyword Research: Keyword research should be done before choosing keywords for your website. Do not choose a lot of search keywords because they are competitive and far from your rankings. Always choose a keyword with low competition. The Keyword Tool makes it easy to conduct research.

  • 3. Directory submission: This is one of the oldest and most famous technologies to increase SERP. Start Directory Search Engine Optimization with your directory submission and submit your site to all available top level directories.

  • 4. Website content: SEO language content is the king of the website. Use unique, relevant, vibrant, and engaging content on your website. It will help you in search ranking and good traffic.
  • 5. Article Submission: Write SEO friendly articles related to your website topics and submit them to the best article directories such as ezine, articlebase and many more.
  • 6. Write a blog: Write a blog about your website and write posts on a regular basis. It increases website popularity and gets traffic to your site.
  • 7. Forum posting and social bookmarking: Social bookmarking and forum posting will increase your online presence on the SERP by increasing the backlinks of your website.
All the tips given are easy to follow and it is important to optimize your website according to the terms and conditions. If you are still confused by the advice of a professional or hire a trustworthy SEO company for your website's SEO.
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