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Top 7 Fundamentals for Google Optimization! Google SEO Tips and Techniques by Expert!

Top 7 Fundamentals for Google Optimization! Google SEO Tips & Techniques by Expert!

Top 7 Fundamentals for Google Optimization! Google SEO Tips and Techniques by Expert Who does not want to get top ranking on Google? Google's first page placement is not difficult. You should follow our optimization guidelines, and this article provides a summary of the seven essentials for Google Optimization. Google Optimization follows our guidelines. Google loves SEO practices that help ethical SEO practices, website owners, and Google, and is guided by SEO guidelines. https://www.google.com/webmasters/

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7 Fundamentals for Google Optimization

  • 1. Fresh and original contents
  • 2. Clean and verified code
  • 3. Easy and convenient navigation
  • 4. Good interconnection of web pages
  • 5. Healthy and relevant receiving links
  • 6. Domain Age and Registration Period
  • 7. Same Contact in Site and Domain Registration

Fresh and original content

Google believes that the fresh and original content of a web page, that is a Google SEO Tips and Techniques a selectable content / text copy of a web page, I know I can not. Or from the picture. Code cleanup and validation Clean, correct code helps Google actually put content at the beginning of a webpage or actually crawl over nesting, JavaScript, or comments. Thanks to external CSS Text format.

Easy and convenient navigation

Text or image default navigation allows you to read on Google. Great Google SEO Tips and Techniques do not use a method that Google does not like because Google robots can not read javascript, dhtml, and Flash default navigation. . Keep navigation at the top or left of the web page, and if you have a web page, add a sitemap page that will direct the web surfer and web robot to each page of the web page. Then add at least all of the main categories & # 39; Link to the sitemap page.

Good interconnection of web pages Make sure that the web link is the same as the road and distance of the website, and that the internal links of all the websites are text-based or image-based with related content.

Healthy and relevant incoming link

Google likes the returned website. See quality and related resources in particular. The more referrers you have, the more top ranking you'll get. It is important to remember that one related link is better than 100 irrelevant links. Domain age and registration period Google has started to maintain a new registered domain in the sandbox since April 2004. In the sandbox, almost all new domains are maintained for a probation period of six to eight months. Sandbox domains do not get good rankings for a long time.

Google wants to rank better for long-term registered domains for five or ten years. Do not send spam to your domain, perhaps showing how serious the person who has registered for a long time to your business is. Google likes true business, SEO Tips and Techniques real business does not mislead website visitors, and Google likes and compares websites with real mailing addresses on their contact page It is used for domain registration with the actual postal address.

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