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Good (SEO) Search Engine Optimization - The Body Content

Good (SEO) Search Engine Optimization - The Body Content

Good (SEO) Search Engine Optimization - The Body Content Page text is a very important part of search engine optimization. Many search engines, like Google, "remove" body text to display sections in search results, as well as use body text to determine the topic of a web page. This ensures that the most relevant sites appear in search results. Keywords and phrases should appear at the top of a webpage and appear "dimmed" at the bottom of the page. Here's how. Let's start with the HEADING tag.

Here is an example of the title tag that appears between BODY tags on a web page:

  1. My 1st Business Heading
  2. My 2nd Business Heading
  3. My 3rd Business Title

Suggest only four headings, and each heading must be accompanied by text that contains a topic related to the title above it. Then I would add one keyword, preferably your keyword phrase within the first heading, one time.

Since 1987, search engine optimization companies have been the most important providers of SEO tools. The text inside Google's SE title tag is important. After all, it sets the tint of the entire web page. The same importance applies to BOLD and / or ITALICS text. But do not do it. If the page text is mostly headline, bold, and / or italic, it may not appear as important. It will definitely not be in the audience. The paragraph to follow is a summary of the title. Somewhere in this summary should be your keyword phrase. To avoid "spamming", we recommend separating the keywords as shown in the description meta tag on page 1. Yes (e.g. "SEO software and tools").

Since 1987, Search Engine Optimization Inc. has provided SEO Tools bold and / or italic instead of heading tags the most. Now let's look at the image ALT tag tip. The purpose of an image ALT tag (an alternate tag) is to display a text description instead of an image that does not load for any reason. The ALT tag is used in conjunction with computer programs used by the visually impaired.

Here is an example:

The image alt tag is an important part of SEO. Google and some other SEs use alt tag content the same way you use body text. So if you use an image (such as a business logo) at the top of your webpage, make sure you have an alt tag with a keyword / phrase.

A good example is:

The alt tag is the same as the title tag used in the example on page 1. This tag is the alt tag business logo. Also, some search engines like Google ignore (or rarely provide) alt tags, not hyperlinks. So I will link the logo image to the homepage on every page of your site. This includes linking the business logo on the homepage to ITSELF. Even if you name the logo image behind a targeted keyphrase such as "seo-tools.gif", the search engine will help you optimize your image, especially when adding images to image search.

There is an example.

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