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Good SEO How to Write a Good Title and Description

Good SEO How to Write a Good Title & Description

Good SEO How to Write a Good Title and Description What does the title for your website mean? The title is a short description that explains what your web page is about. After a while, the search engine spider crawls your site, reads the title and content, and you can see the relative size of your content based on your search.

Page titles are a collection of keywords, categories, and descriptions. The page title should be different for every page of your website. Because the search engine literally skips pages with duplicate information, you will be penalized if the title is actually the same on all pages. For example, if your site promotes 10 products, each content must have a separate page for each product with a unique title. As mentioned earlier, you should use keywords and / or phrases in the title and use some type of formatting. One of the most common ways is:

Keyword or phrase | category Website title

It is very important to make your title unique because it remembers your search engine ranking pages individually. It's important to note that it's important to explain that when you or someone else searches on Google, Yahoo, or MSN, the title Like FDM will be first. It is time to click on the link and visit the site to make an impression on the leader. Without a title to encourage click through, the site will die in the water and waste a lot of time. If a user is interested in your book, they tend to read descriptive paragraphs under the meta description. This is an HTML tag embedded in a meta tag or code and is used only for this purpose. If your site does not include this tag, it will usually grab the first two sentences from your main page of your site.

The description is basically a sentence of explanatory information about your website, which is well written and easy to read. Insert your keywords with a description. The description should be about 200 characters or less. If you do not talk here, you will be curious and try to make your site clickable. Some of these hopefully SEO tips keep you studying enough to get you in the right direction!
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